Carla Woidt | Country Road



Carla Woidt

Gm Design Operations & Innovation | Country Road

Carla manages teams across all divisions within Country Road that are involved in the technical and development side of the business, tech, knit, fabric and textile design. Her role is to bring integration within the teams, so design and development integrate in a way that enables innovation and successful execution of product. 

Prior to her time at Country Road, Carla was SVP Product Development at Theory and Helmut Lang (NY base) where she held a similar role, managing a large team to work closely between the design team and production. In this role she also worked on a Design and Innovation Centre, a new building, that was established to have facilities and machine in NYC to be able to sample and ‘play’ with new ways designing and developing product with production consideration.

Carla also worked as Product Director at Temperley London, managing the design, development and production team.